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Vahishto-Ishti  Gatha

Yasna 53


  1. The highest aspirations of Zarathushtra Spitama
            attain fruition, O Mazda,
    When thou dost grant him for his righteousness
    Blissful existence enduring for all times;
    When all, at last, turn to him
    To accept and practice the principles of the Good Religion!

  2. Let them advance in thought, word, and deed
    Toward the satisfaction of Mazda with reverential worship,
    King Vishtaspa, Frashaoshtra, and the successors of
            Zarathushtra Spitama.
    May they teach all to keep to the established straight path,
    Announced by the spiritual preceptors, and ordained by Ahura,

  3. To Pouruchista, scion of the clans of Haechataspa and Spitama,
    Youngest of the daughters of Zarathushtra,
    Grant the constant aid of the Good Mind,
    The strong support of Thy Truth,
    That she may take counsel with enlightened understanding,
    And with devotion act well as wisdom may direct!

  4. (Pouruchista:)
    Verily have I, as a righteous one, chosen him,
    And shall honor father and husband,
    And be righteous to nobles and peasants.
    For righteousness let our heritage be the radiance of
            the Good Mind,
    May Mazda Ahura grant the blessing of the Good
            Faith for all time!

  5. (Zarathushtra:)
    These words do I address to you maidens who are
            being married,
    These counsels do I give to you, bridegrooms,
    Heed them in your minds and lay them to heart.
    Let each cherish the other with Righteousness.
    Then surely the reward of a happy life shall be yours.

  6. This, indeed is the case, O ye men and women!
    No happiness can be yours if the spirit of
            Falsehood directs your lives.
    Cast off from your selves the bonds that chain you
            to Untruth.
    Satisfaction linked with dishonor or with harm to
            others is a prison for the seeker;
    The faithless-evil bring sorrow to others and
            destroy their own spiritual lives hereafter.

  7. O ye, men and women!
    When faithful zeal inspires your life,
    When tainted thoughts and intentions are rooted out,
    When the evil within you is destroyed for ever,
    Then shall the Blessed Reward be yours for the
            Good Work.
    And if you fail, "Alas, Alas" shall be your final words!

  8. Let the evil-doers stand foiled in their wish,
    Let them be abandoned to confusion and ruin!
    Let those of virtuous principles frustrate them,
            prevent their harm,
    And make way for the advent of happiness and
            peace on our humble dwellings!
    Let the Great Upholder of virtue bring the evil
            to naught.
    And let it be quick!

  9. The men of evil creed torment Thy followers, O Lord!
    They set themselves to condemn the worthy, to
            despise the good.
    Where is the righteous lordship that will smite them
            and deprive them of their freedom?
    O Mazda, Thine is the sovereign Power
    Whereby Thou shalt give the right-living and needy
            their ultimate better portion!


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