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Yasna 34


  1. The deeds, the words, the worship,
    For which Thou hast established
    Immortality, Righteous existence and the Kingdom of Perfection;
    All these deeds and words and worship
    I dedicate first of all to Thee, O Lord Mazda!

  2. Inspired by the Good Mind, these deeds come from
            the good spirit of the virtuous person,
    Whose soul follows the path of Truth,
    Approaching Thy Presence, O Mazda, singing
            hymns of Thy praise.

  3. To Thee, and to Truth we tender our offerings of
            reverential adoration.
    In Thy Kingdom may all the living achieve their
            destiny of perfection through the Good Mind.
    For, indeed, the advancement to Thy exalted presence is
            forever secure among the right thinking, O Mazda!

  4. Thy sacred fire, O Ahura, mighty through Truth,
            most swift and powerful,
    May its helpful radiance be a bringer of joy to the good;
    But for the malicious wicked, may its power their evil disclose!

  5. What is Thy power? What is thy domain, O Mazda,
    How can one's actions justify Thy protection, O Mazda?
    Indeed, thus:
            Through Righteousness, and through the Benevolent Mind,
            and by protecting Thy poor.
    We will declare Thy exaltation to all -- even to the powers
            of evil and the wicked destroyers among men.

  6. As Thou art truly thus, O Mazda,
    The very Being of Truth and the Good Mind,
    Then give me a sign during this existence of mine,
    That I may approach with confident joy, in veneration,
            singing of Thy glory.

  7. Where are those, O Mazda, with authentic
            enlightenment of the Good Mind,
    Who even in times of woe
    Would by Thy treasured doctrines spread the light?
    None do I know other than Thee;
    Protect us, then, through Truth.

  8. For the evil foes by their hostile actions
            have spread fear;
    Misery and ruin have they brought on many.
    Unmindful of Thy commands, the powerful
            oppress the weak, O Mazda!
    They think not, alas, of Truth and Right,
    From the Good Mind they always remain afar.

  9. Those who spurn the bountiful Spirit of Piety
    Knowing how precious it is to thine initiate,
    Wicked are they by their ignorance and neglect of
            the Good Mind;
    From them Truth turns away, as from us flee the
            beasts of prey.

  10. The man of understanding will call for the
            deeds of the Good Mind,
    A fruitful result of a faithful life;
    He who knows the zeal of Armaity is a creative
            follower of Truth and Right,
    Which are indeed the mighty-influences of Thy
            Kingdom of Heaven, O Mazda.

  11. Thy twin Spirits of Perfection and immortality
            sustain our aspiration.
    The zealous Armaity with Truth, shall assure the
            permanence of Thy Kingdom of the Good Mind.
    By these divine forces, O Mazda, dost Thou bless
            the foes of Thy foes.

  12. What are Thy commandments, and what dost Thou
            desire, O Mazda?
    What of invocation, what of worship?
    Speak forth, my Lord, that I may hear Thee!
    That I may know what will bestow on us Thy blessed rewards.
    Teach me through the Good Mind, the noble path of
            Truth and Right.

  13. It is the Path of the Good Mind which Thou hast
            manifested to me, O Ahura!
    Whereby the well-doers, in accordance with the teaching
            of the Spiritual Guides, acting in harmony
            with Truth alone,
    Shall pass onward to the assigned reward of which
            Thou art the bestower, O Mazda!

  14. This precious reward of Thine, O Mazda,
    Thou givest by way of the Good Mind,
    Thou givest to vigorous bodily life of him who
            works for and tends to Thy Creation,
    Who furthers Thy beneficent plan by the power of
            his understanding,
    Guided by Thy Spirit of Truth.

  15. Make known to me, O Mazda, the best teachings and actions,
    Actuated by the Good Mind, and inspired by Truth,
    As I express my aspiration in my songs of veneration for Thee.
    By Thy Sovereign Authority do Thou regenerate this
            existence, through Thy gracious Will, O Ahura!


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