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Ahunuvaiti Gatha

Yasna 30


  1. O ye, coming to seek wisdom, now shall I proclaim
            to you the message of the Wise Creator,
    The hymns unto Ahura, and the offerings of the Good Mind,
    The enduring sacred Truth,
    And the glorious vision of the Heavenly Lights
            attainable through Truth sublime.

  2. Hearken with your ears to these best counsels,
    Reflect upon them with illumined judgment.
    Let each one choose his creed with that
            freedom of choice each must have at great events.
    O ye, be awake to these, my announcements.

  3. In the beginning there were two primal spirits,
    Twins spontaneously active,
    These are the Good and the Evil, in thought,
            and in word, and in deed.
    Between these two, let the wise choose aright.
    Be good, not base!

  4. And when these Twin Spirits came together at first,
    They established Life and the Denial of Life;
    And so shall it be till the world will last.
    The worst existence shall be the lot of the followers of evil,
    And the state of Best-Consciousness be the reward of the righteous.

  5. Of these Twin Spirits, the Evil one chooses doing
            the worst,
    While the most bountiful Holy Spirit of Goodness,
            clothing itself in the imperishable heavens,
            chooses Truth and Righteousness.
    And so will those who would please Ahura Mazda
            with righteous deeds, performed with faith in Truth.

  6. Between these two Spirits the Demon-worshipers
            could not discern aright.
    To them Deception came at the time of decision,
    And they chose the Worst Mind.
    With violence then they rushed together,
    Life, in the world, to destroy.

  7. And to support this life comes Armaity, the spirit of
    Benevolence and Right-mindedness.
    Together with the Spirit of Holy Power, the Good Mind, and Truth,
    That the soul, passing through the test of truth,
            shall be with Thee, O Lord.

  8. And when there cometh the ultimate retribution
            for the evil ones,
    Then, at Thy Ordinance, shall the Good Mind
            establish the Kingdom of Heaven, O Ahura!
    For those who will deliver Untruth into the hands of Truth.

  9. So may we be like those making the world progress
            toward perfection;
    May Mazda and the Divine Spirits help us and
            guide our efforts through Truth;
    For a thinking man is where Wisdom is at home.

  10. Then truly cometh the blow of destruction upon Untruth;
    While those of good renown shall be received in
            the promised abode,
    The blessed abode of the Good Mind, of Truth, and
            of the Wise Lord.

  11. O ye mortals, mark these commandments,
    The commandments the Wise Lord has given for
            happiness and for pain:
    Long suffering for the doer of Evil, and bliss
            for the follower of Truth,
    The illumination of salvation for the Righteous ever after.


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