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Spenta Mainyu Gatha

Yasna 47


  1. For the Best Mind, and for the Best word and deed
            actuated by Truth,
    From the Bountiful spirit of the Lord Mazda,
    May He in Sovereign Authority and through the
            spirit of Right-mindedness
    Bestow upon us His two great blessings,
    Perfecting integrity here and Immortality hereafter.

  2. The best work of this Bountiful spirit, he fulfils
    Endowed with the Good Mind, speaks word of wisdom,
    Works with his hands as prompted by active Benevolence,
    Inspired by the insight that Thou, O Mazda, art
            the Father of Truth.

  3. Thou art the Holy Lord of this Blessed spirit, O Mazda!
    For in consultation with the Good Mind,
    Thou hast created this world for our satisfaction,
    And provided the protection of Armaity's
            benevolence to bring us peace.

  4. By this Bountiful spirit, O Mazda,
    The evil-liars feel afflicted, but not so the righteous.
    Whether a man's possession be great or small
    Let him ever aspire to righteousness and abjure the wicked.

  5. By this Bountiful spirit of Thine, O Mazda,
    Thou hast assigned all that is best to the good;
    But far from Thy Grace shall the evil have his portion,
    The Liar, abiding, by his own deeds, in the home of
            the Evil Mind.

  6. By this Bountiful spirit of Thine, O Mazda
    And through Thy Holy Fire,
    Thou shalt apportion good and evil to the two
            contending parties,
    With Truth and Right-minded justice standing by
            Thy side,
    Verily, this shall cause many to hear Thy Message.





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