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  1. When at the time of awarding, men, with the help of
            Truth shall vanquish the Lie;
    When deceptions and untruths, for long decried, of
            false gods and baser men stand exposed,
    Then, at the time of salvation, there shall be full
            adoration of Thy Glory !

  2. Tell me, O Ahura, for Thou art the all-knowing,
    Shall the righteous overcome the evil foe,
    Even before the great crisis overtakes us?
    For that were indeed a blessed event for the world's

  3. O Benevolent, Omniscient Mazda!
    To the man understanding Thy Message
    Thou dost bestow the profound treasure of Thy
    That which Thou hast established through Truth!
    With an intelligence inspired by the Good Mind,
    Verily, one becomes worthy of Thee, O Mazda!

  4. Those whose minds move to uplifting thoughts
    And those others whose minds turn to what is base,
    Their words and deeds will reflect their thoughts;
    For their choices will follow their sentiments.
    Their ends will be different, as Thy Wisdom declares.

  5. Let those who know how to rule well, and not the
            evil rulers, rule us!
    Let them rule us with wisdom - rule us with skill O Piety!
    O Thou, bring humanity to perfection, and give
            hallowed blessing for its future life!
    Let man be active, zealously caring for his land
            and creatures so that they may flourish.

  6. For Armaity, the holy spirit of Rightmindedness,
            with the power of determined thought,
    Shall bless us with peace, prosperity and vigor of spirit.
    For her, did Ahura Mazda make the plants grow,
            through Truth's law of Nature,
    At the time of the origination of Life.

  7. O ye, who would be bound by the Good Mind, and
            strive to spread the Truth,
    O ye, who desire to sustain the Holy Cause,
    Suppress all anger and violence,
    Abandon all ill-will and strife!
    Such benevolent men shall be in Thy Abode, O Ahura.

  8. Will the joy of Thy good kingdom of Heaven,
    Be the blessed state appointed for me, O Ahura!
    What manifestation of Thy Truth shall be welcomed
            by the pious
    And inspire them to strive for the great deeds of the
            Good Spirit?

  9. When shall I know, O Mazda, how dost Thou
            rule with truth and justice,
    Over those who oppress and cast me in fear and doubt?
    Let the scheme of Good Thought be made known to me,
    Should not the savior-to-be know what the blessed
            outcome shall be?

  10. When shall good men come to understand and
            spread Thy Wisdom, O Mazda?
    When shall they remove the filthy evil of intoxication?
    The evil by which the wicked sacrificers and the evil
            lords of the lands
    Make desolate the world!

  11. When, O Mazda, shall Piety come with Truth in our lands,
    When shall happy life in peaceful pastures come to
            us through good rule?
    Who shall bring peace to us from cruel and wicked men?
    To whom shall the wisdom of the Good Mind come?

  12. Such are the saviors of the earth,
    Who, inspired by the Good Mind, cause betterment,
    By actions in tune with the laws of Truth and justice.
    They are indeed appointed by Thee to dispel
            violence, O Mazda!


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