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Ahunuvaiti Gatha

Yasna 32


  1. The followers of the counsel of Untruth in the
             community and the clan
    Prayed for supreme bliss, even as we do.
    May we be thy messengers
    May we repel the evil of Thy lying opponents!

  2. The Lord Mazda inspiring with the Good Mind,
    The Lord Ahura ruling in his Divine Sovereignty,
    The Lord Most High, protector of Truth and Right,
    Thus did reply:
            "For your flourishing, We have chosen to
            accept your good devotion"

  3. O ye, evil ones,
    You are products of the Evil Mind
    And of arrogance and perversity;
    And so are those who honor you!
    Your evil deeds have long been known in the
            seven regions of the earth.

  4. For, ye liars confound the human mind,
            and make men act their worst,
    Make men speak as lovers of Evil,
    Separated from the Good Mind,
    Far removed from the will of Ahura Mazda,
    Departing from the path of Truth and Right.

  5. And thus the liars defrauded humanity of a life of
            happiness and immortal bliss;
    For the Evil One preaches with Evil Mind and Evil Word
    Evil actions to the lying soul promising supremacy,
    But bringing it to ruin.

  6. These evil-doers, attaining notoriety by their aggression
    Shall surely receive their due, before Thee, O Ahura,
    Lord of the Best Understanding, ever mindful of man's deserts.
    For the reign of Right shall be honored when Truth
            prevails in Thy realms, O Mazda!

  7. These sinners, none of them, know the end in store for them.
    None of them know of the destruction of evil with
            the flood of glowing metal.
    The final end is indeed known to Thee, O Most Wise Lord!

  8. And one of such sinners was Yima, the son of Vivahvant,
    Who to gratify men sanctioned the flesh of the Cow.
    From among these, let me stand apart
    In Thy discriminating judgment, O Mazda.

  9. The teacher of evil destroys the Understanding,
    He destroys the design of life,
    Snatches away the blessed realization of the Good Mind.
    With these deeply felt words proceeding from my spirit,
    I cry to Thee, O Mazda, and the Spirit of Truth!

  10. He who abhors and shuns the light of the Sun,
    He who refuses to behold with respect the
            living creation of God,
    He who leads the good to wickedness,
    He who makes the meadows waterless and the pastures desolate,
    He who lets fly his weapon against the innocent,
    An enemy of my faith, a destroyer of Thy
            principles is he, O Lord!

  11. The fabric of my life work they destroy,
    The evil doers, extolled as masters and mistresses,
    Who dispossess persons of their rightful heritage
    And those who will retard the good and truthful
            from the realm of the Good Mind, O Mazda.

  12. To those who deter men from the best action,
    To those who destroy with a callous heart,
    To those who place the evil and the wicked above
            Truth and Right,
    To those who yearn for the rule of the Lie,
    Doth Mazda declare: "Evil are you all."

  13. These evil-doers,
    Who shall dwell in the abode of the Worst Mind,
    Who yearn for ill-gotten gain, and seethe from discontent,
    Who wantonly destroy life;
    Away from Thy Prophet's message,
    They shall not behold the Vision of Truth.

  14. The evil Grehma and the tribal chiefs
    For long have designed to promote the Lie,
    To sacrifice the Cow and desolate the good living creation,
    Kindling the fire of drink in their aid.

  15. Thy message shall undo the work of the evil-doers,
    No more shall the wicked Kavis, and the Karpans,
            rule over the lives of the righteous.
    But the good shall be escorted through Perfection
            and Immortality
    To the Realm of the Best Mental Existence!

  16. Following the enlightening doctrine is for us indeed
            the state of excellence,
    Even when the vengeful harm of the wicked threaten us.
    The power of Thy teaching, O Mazda Ahura, shall
            avert that harm from befalling on Thy devotees.


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