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  1. Hearken unto me, O ye who come from near and from far!
    Listen to me, as I speak forth now,
    Ponder over these teachings with care and clear thought.
    Never shall the False Teacher destroy existence a second time,
    For his tongue stands mute, his creed stands exposed.

  2. I shall tell you now of the Two Spirits at the
            beginning of Creation.
    The Holier of the two thus speaks to the Evil One:
    "Neither our thoughts nor our teachings,
    Neither intentions nor choices,
    Neither our words nor our deeds,
    Neither our consciences nor our souls ever agree:'

  3. I shall tell you now of the First Principle of Life
            which Ahura Mazda, the All-Knowing,
            declared to me.
    Verily, those of you who will not fulfill the
            requirements of the sacred message,
    The holy words as I comprehend and declare them,
    For them shall the end of existence be misery.

  4. I shall tell you now of what is best in this life;
    That is to act in consonance with the Spirit of
            Truth, the holy Asha,
    Thereby realizing Mazda who created him,
    Mazda, the father of Vohu-Mana, the ever active Good Mind,
    Mazda, the father of Armaity, of benevolence and zeal;
    The all seeing Lord whom none can deceive.

  5. I shall tell you now what the Most Holy declared to me,
    As the word that is best for mortals to hear:
    "To them who shall give heed to Me with dedication,
    I shall come with the blessings of
            Perfection and Immortality for actions of
            their Good Spirit."
    So said Ahura Mazda.

  6. Thus do I announce the Greatest of All,
    I sing his praise through his Truth, beneficent to all.
    Let Mazda Ahura hearken unto them with his Holy Spirit,
    For the Good Mind has instructed me to realize Him.
    By His Wisdom let Him guide me to the ultimate End.

  7. Those who are living, those who have been, and
            those who are yet to be,
    Shall attain one of the awards He ordains.
    In immortality shall the soul of the righteous be ever
            in splendor.
    But in misery the soul of the wicked shall surely be.
    These laws hath Mazda Ahura ordained through His
            Sovereign Authority.

  8. With my songs of praise and veneration
            I seek the acceptance of my Lord!
    For now indeed I see Him in my eyes, as the Lord
            of the Good Spirit, the Lord of Good Word
            and Deed.
    I have realized Him through Truth, He who is
            Mazda Ahura!
    Verity I shall render Him homage in the House of Songs.

  9. Him with our good mind we seek to propitiate,
    Who gave us discernment through which we receive
            weal and woe.
    May Ahura Mazda through his Sovereign Authority
            prosper our peasantry, our workmen, and
            our herds.
    And the Good Mind establish the rule of the holy
            law of Truth.

  10. Him, with these our songs of devotion, we shall exalt,
    Him, famed for ever as Mazda Ahura, the Wise Creator!
    For verily, through his Spirit of Righteousness and
            the Good Mind, He has ordained,
    That Perfection and Immortality shall be in His Dominion
    And vitality in perpetuity in His House!

  11. Whoso shuns the evil liar and the mortals who deny the Lord,
    Whoso reveres Him, the Most High, through the
            Holy Faith of His appointed savior,
    To him, O Mazda, shalt Thou be a friend, brother,
            or even father!


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