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Yasna 33


  1. In accordance with the Primeval Laws of this existence,
    The Ratu (Judge) shall deal perfect justice to all;
    To the good who chose the Truth,
    To the evil who chose Falsehood,
    And to those in whom good and evil are mixed.

  2. He who opposes Evil by his thought or word,
    Or by the work of his own two hands,
    He who instructs people to their good,
    Makes a worthy offering of faith to Thy Purpose,
    O Ahura Mazda!

  3. He who is most good to the righteous,
    Be he a noble, or a peasant, or a dependent,
    He who zealously makes the good living creation flourish,
    He shall come to dwell with Truth in the realm of
            the Good Mind.

  4. I am he who by devotion and prayer shall
    Keep disobedience and the Evil Mind far from Thee, O Mazda,
    Keep insolent heresy away from the nobles,
    The distrust spread by slanderers, from the community,
    And the evil of destruction from the pastures of cattle.

  5. I invoke Thy Sraosha (Inspiration) as the greatest of
            all aids at the Consummation,
    To attain Life Eternal in Thy Kingdom of the Good Mind,
    To attain the straight path of Truth wherein Thou
            dwelleth, O Mazda Ahura!

  6. I, who as Thy steadfast priest, have learned the
            straight path of Asha (Truth and Righteousness),
    And would learn from the Best Mind how best to
            do what should be done,
    Therefore I ask of Thee, My Lord,
    Bless me with Thy Vision and grant me a
            consultation with Thee!

  7. Come hither to me, in Thine own self, O Mazda!
    Come unmistakably, O Thou Best One, with
    The Spirit of Truth and The Good Mind!
    Let my message be heard beyond the limits of
            the community of adherents.
    Let the brilliant offerings of reverential prayers
            be manifest to all.

  8. Do Thou make known to me, the Ultimate Good,
            the final end,
    That I may bring it about with the help of the Good Mind.
    Accept, O Mazda, the homage of Thy faithful worshipper,
    Accept, O Truth, my hymn of praise for Thee,
    Grant to us, O Spirits of Deathless Weal and Immortality,
            your own two blessings.

  9. And with the blessings of these comrade Spirits of
    Perfection and Immortality,
    Let all advance to Thee, O Mazda!
    Let all promote the cause of Truth!
    Let all advance to the most exalted Abode of
    Wisdom with a mind best fitted for it!
    Sure is the support of these Twain, whose spirits work together.

  10. All the felicities of life, which have been,
            which are, and which shall be,
    Come to us through Thy Divine Grace, O Mazda;
    Through Thy Holy Power, let our persons advance to the
            wished-for beatitude,
    With the help of the Good Mind, with the help of Truth !

  11. Hearken unto me, O Most Benevolent Ahura Mazda!
    O ye Spirits of Piety and Truth that bless our existence!
    O ye Good Mind, and the Dominion of Heaven!
    Be gracious unto us as we receive our recompense!

  12. Arise for me, O Ahura!
    Through my devotion give me steadfastness of purpose,
    Through Thy Most Bounteous Spirit make me pure in goodness,
    Through the Spirit of Righteousness grant me the
            courage of spiritual might,
    And through the Good Mind give me the trust of the people.

  13. With Thy divine grace, O Lord.
    Make wide the vision of my mind;
    Make manifest Thy everlasting attributes;
    Make known the blessings of Thy Kingdom of
            Heaven, and the joyous recompense of
            the Good Mind,
    O Holy Armaity, inspire our consciousness with
            the Ultimate Truth.

  14. To the Lord Mazda, as an offering,
    Zarathushtra dedicates the works of his life,
            even his very self.
    The noblest essence of his Good Thought.
    To Truth, he consecrates obedience to its principles
    In word and deed, and all the might of his
            spiritual authority.


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