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Ahunuvaiti Gatha

Yasna 29


  1. Unto Thee, O Lord, the Soul of Creation cried:
    "For whom didst Thou create me, and who so fashioned me?
    Feuds and fury, violence and the insolence of might have oppressed me;
    None have I to protect me save Thee;
    Command for me then the blessings of a settled, peaceful life."

  2. Thereupon, the Creator asked Asha:
    "Whom wilt Thou have as saviour for the world,
            to be its protector and upholder of order?
    Who with his sagacity and zeal may bring prosperity;
    Whom wilt Thou have as its lord, who will repel violence,
            and dispel the forces of Evil?"

  3. Thus to the Lord doth Asha, the Truth, reply:
    "No guide is known who can shelter the world from woe,
    None who knows what moves and works Thy lofty plans.
    The most powerful Of beings is he to whose help
    I shall go on an invocation."

  4. Mazda knows best what works have been wrought
            by the perpetrators of Evil and their followers;
    And He knows what shall be wrought by them ever hereafter.
    The Lord, Ahura is, the sole discerner;
    For us, let it be as He ordains.

  5. And thus we two, my soul and the soul of creation,
            prayed with hands outstretched to the Lord;
    And thus we two urged Mazda with these entreaties:
            "Let not destruction overtake the right-living,
            Let not the diligent good suffer at the hands of evil."

  6. Then, thus spake Ahura Mazda, the Lord of understanding and wisdom:
    "As there is no righteous spiritual lord or secular chief,
    So have I, as Creator, made thee (Zarathushtra) the protector and guide,
    For the welfare of the world and its diligent people:"

  7. The Wise Lord, with the spirit of Truth and Righteousness,
            made these holy hymns,
    The Benevolent Providence gave these teachings
            for the well-being of the world and its righteous people.
    Whom hast Thou, O Mazda, ordained, verily to give forth,
            through the Good Mind, these bounties to mortals?

  8. (Thus spake Ahura Mazda):
    "The one who alone has hearkened to my precepts
            is known as Zarathushtra Spitama;
    For his Creator and for Truth he wishes to announce
            the Holy Message,
    Wherefore shall I bestow on him the gift of eloquent speech."

  9. Thereupon the Soul of Creation cried:
    "In my woes I have obtained for help the feeble voice
            of an humble man,
    When I wished for a mighty over-lord!
    Whenever shall I get one to give me help with power
            and with force?"

  10. O Ahura Mazda, and O Spirit of Truth and Right!
    Do Ye grant me and my followers such authority
            and power through Truth,
    That with the Good Mind, we may bring the world
            peace and happiness,
    Of which, Thou, O Lord, art indeed the first possessor.

  11. When shall Truth, the Good Mind, and the Holy Power,
            hasten to me in full, my Lord?
    Do Thou assign them to me for the great dispensation.
    And verily, grant now to us, Thy devoted servants,
    Thy gracious help for this Great Cause!


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