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Ahunuvaiti Gatha

Yasna 31


  1. O ye, mindful to learn, I proclaim to you this message,
    Unheard as yet by those who are destroying the
            civilization of the Righteous,
            with evil ways of the Spirit of Untruth,
    The message, most welcome to Thy followers
            dedicated to Thee, O Mazda!

  2. As you realize not the eternal truths,
            and recognize not the better life,
    I come to you all to guide you in the right selection
            between the two sides
    That we may thence live in accordance with Truth and Right.

  3. Tell me, O Mazda -
    That which Thou shalt bestow by Thy Spirit and Fire,
    The blessing Thou shalt assign through Truth for
            those acting with discernment,
    The Holy Law for their enlightenment.
    Give it in Thy own inspired word
    That I may thereby bring its realization to all.

  4. As you hear our prayer, O Lord,
    Give us the Truth,
    Give us the help of the Divine Spirits,
    Give us the blessing of Armaity,
            the Spirit of Benevolence,
    And through the work of the Best Mind,
            give us the mighty Dominion,
    That we may overcome, thereby,
            the Evil Spirit of Untruth.

  5. Declare to me, what Thou hast, through Right,
            appointed for me as the better portion;
    Teach me, with the help of the Good Mind,
            to know and realize my state,
    And apprise me, O Mazda Ahura, of all things that
            are to be and not to be.

  6. His is indeed the Best State who declares truly
            the message of holy wisdom:
    The message of the perfection of being and rightful immortality,
    Of Mazda's Kingdom which ever flourishes through the Good Mind.

  7. He who in the First Beginning thus thought:
    Let the glorious heavens be clothed in light;
    He by His supreme understanding created the
            principles of Truth and Light;
    Enabling mortals thereby to maintain the Good Mind.
    O Wise Lord, O ever-the-same Ahura, by Thy Holy Spirit
            make these realms flourish.

  8. Not only did I conceive of Thee, O Mazda
    As the very First and the Last,
    As the Father of the Good Mind,
    As the veritable Creator of Truth and Right.
    As the Lord Judge of our actions in life,
    I beheld these with my very eyes!

  9. Thine was Armaity, the Spirit of Benevolence,
    Thine was the Wisdom which created Life,
    Thine was the Divine Spirit which established choice
    Between the diligent protector of creation, and
            the not diligent.

  10. Of these two, did Creation choose the diligent
            cattle-tending protector.
    As a righteous master and one possessing the Good Mind.
    The deceiving idler, the non-protector, has no share
            in the Holy Message.

  11. By Thy perfect Intelligence, O Mazda
    Thou didst first create us having bodies and
            spiritual consciences,
    And by Thy Thought gave our selves the power of
            thought, word, and deed.
    Thus leaving us free to choose our faith at our own will.

  12. He lifts up his voice, be he the speaker of truth or
            the speaker of falsehood,
    He who knows and he who knows not,
    Each according to his heart and mind,
    May Armaity appeal to the spirits wavering in doubt.

  13. Doctrines and deeds, clearly manifest or dimly recognized,
    Those which impose great penance for a trifling offense;
    These all, through Thy Truth, do not escape Thy perceptive vision.

  14. This I ask Thee, Ahura!
    Of the events happening, and the events to happen,
    What requitals, in accord with their deeds, are
            appointed for the truthful righteous, and
            what for the lying sinners?

  15. This I ask Thee, Ahura!
    What is the penance ordained for one who seeks to
            achieve sovereignty for the Liar;
    For one of evil deeds who seeks not his living
            without harm to the flock of the shepherd;
    And of the good who listen not to the voice of Untruth?

  16. And this I ask Thee, O Mazda Ahura!
    The truthful righteous striving to establish the dominion
    That will further the well-being of his house,
            his province, and his country,
    How shall his spirit be like unto Thee?
    When shall he be worthy of Thee?
    What actions of his shall be most acceptable to Thee?

  17.  Let him that knows, tell him that would know,
            which of the creeds is better,
    The belief of the righteous or of the liar?
    Let not the unenlightened deceive any more!
    Be Thou to us, O Mazda Ahura, the bestower of Good Thought.

  18.  Then let none give ear to the words of the evil liar,
    The liar bringing woe and destruction to house and
            clan, to the province and the land.
    Resist him, then, with force.

  19. Listen unto the teller of Truth, a healer of existence,
    Listen unto him who thinks of Righteousness,
    Listen unto him the enlightened and the knowing,
    Who, standing before Thy holy Fire,
            with his powerful words and flowing tongue,
    Reveals the truth to the contending sides.

  20. The follower of the righteous shall attain the Abode of Light;
    But he who deceived the good and the righteous,
    For him shall the future be long life of misery and
            darkness, woe and despair,
    O ye of evil lives! Your own deeds will lead you to
            this dark existence.

  21. To him, who is Thy true friend in spirit and in
            action, O Mazda Ahura!
    To him shalt Thou give the perfection of integrity
            and immortality;
    To him shalt Thou give perpetual communion with
    Truth and the Holy Dominion,
    And to him shalt Thou give the sustaining power of
            the Good Mind.

  22. Clear is this all, to the man of wisdom,
            as to one who thinks with care:
    He who upholds Truth with all the might of his power,
    He who upholds Truth the utmost in his word and deed,
    He, indeed, is Thy most valued helper, O Mazda Ahura!


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