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Yasna 49


  1. To me who has endeavored to win over the
            disaffected to the cause of Truth,
    To me, the opposing Bandva has been a stubborn foe!
    Come to me with Thy gift of helpful grace, O Mazda!
    Through Thy Good-Mind inspire us to overcome this evil!

  2. The teachings of this evil Bandva has long hindered
            me in my work.
    This harmful man has fallen away from Truth and Right!
    He cares not that Armaity's right-mindedness brings prosperity,
    Impervious is he to the influence of the Good Mind!

  3. According to Thy Faith, O Mazda, the choice of
            Righteousness is its own vindication,
    The choice of evil, its own undoing;
    Hence do I seek and strive for the fellowship of
            Good Thought,
    And renounce all association with the follower of Evil.

  4. Those who by their evil tongue increase discord,
    And those with ill purpose who spread violence and dissolution,
    Those who seek to work with evil-doers and not with the good,
    Verily, they would establish the heresy of Untruth,
            the perverted system of the evil!

  5. But he who cherishes Thy Way with the Good Mind
    Is himself a promoter of abundance and prosperity,
    A follower of the wisdom of Truth, an intimate of
            Piety is he, O Mazda!
    Verily, he shall be in Thy Kingdom of Heaven, with
            all that is within, O Ahura!

  6. I beseech Thee, O Mazda, reveal Thy Holy Plan,
    Let Truth declare Thy Divine Wisdom,
    So that we may ever choose and act aright
    And make the truths of Thy Faith widely known.

  7. Do thou listen to this. O Ahura!
    Let him also listen who is endowed with the Good Mind,
    Let him hear too who is inspired by the Spirit of Truth.
    Who among my kinsman, who among my friends,
            shall live by Thy Laws
    And bring recognition of Thy Faith among the people?

  8. Do thou bestow on Frashaoshtra a beneficent
            alliance with Truth,
    Verily, this I too ask of Thee, O Mazda Ahura,
    And to us, bestow Thou the Good in Thy Holy Kingdom,
    May we be, for all time, Thy inspired messengers!

  9. Let the preceptor born to bring deliverance hear this
    The man of Truth shall not work or rule in fellowship
            with the evil-liar.
    Souls partaking of Right, shall receive the excellent reward
    At the judgment, O Jamaspa!

  10. And this, O Mazda, rest in Thy care -
    The good-minded and the souls of the righteous
            with the spirit of Piety and veneration,
    Protected in Thy great Dominion with undying power.

  11. To the wicked rulers,
    To the men of evil deeds, of evil words, of evil thoughts;
    Their depraved souls shall go to meet them with that
            which is foul.
    In the House of the Lie, they shall verily find their abode.

  12. How wilt Thou come to my help O Truth,
            To Zarathushtra who am invoking Thee?
    What hast Thou for me, O Good Mind?
    And on me, who with songs of praise has been in
            Thy grace O Mazda Ahura,
    Bestow that which is the Best.


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