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The following are some reviewed sites related to Zoroastrianism, including some ultra-orthodox as well as some ultra-liberal sites. Inclusion of any links herein does not imply endorsement by this site. These links are provided for your convenience only. For further information, please see Disclaimer.


Information sites:

Avesta -- Zoroastrian Archives - The most comprehensive site of Zoroastrian religious text on the internet.

Vohuman - A well designed and substantial Zoroastrian web magazine

Zarathushtrian Assembly English - The official site of the Zarathushtrian Assembly

Zoroastrianism - Informative site by Ronald G. Delavega

Zoroastrianism - An informative site by Vispi Bulsara

Traditional Zoroastrianism - A very Orthodox site - Another traditional site, developed by Sarosh R. Petigara of Dubai

Iran Zamin - Ancient Iran by Fariborz Rahnamoon et. al.

Oshihan - A cultural Zoroastrian site (in English and Persian)


Other Languages:

Kurdish -
Behre - includes the Gathas

Kurdish - The Religion Behdīnī

Multi-lingual - Zoroastrian Community of Sweden - Sweden - In English, Persian and Swedish

Multi-lingual - - Informative site by Dr. M. Varza in English, Persian, French & German. Spanish under development

Persian - Zarathushtrian Assembly  - The official site of the Zarathushtrian Assembly

Persian - - by a group of young Iranians

Persian - Yaran - From Iran.

Portuguese - Zoroastrian Pages in Portuguese - includes the Gathas

Russian - Zarathushtrians of Belarus - unique site

Spanish - Spenta University - based in Venezuela - includes translation of the Gathas

Swedish - Den Goda Religionen 

Turkish - Bilgin - a site by Dr. Mehmet Sirac Bilgin



North America - By State

Federal -
FEZANA - Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America 

Federal - Zoroastrian Sports Committee - Affiliated with FEZANA  new.gif (3281 bytes)

British Columbia - ZSBC - The Zoroastrian Society of British Columbia 

California - CZC - California Zoroastrian Center 

California - ZAC-LA -  Zoroastrian Association of California - Los Angeles

California - YCZC - Youth of the California Zoroastrian Center - Los Angeles

California - ZANC - Zarthoshti Anjuman of Northern California 

California - PZO - Persian Zoroastrians Organization - Northern California

D.C. - ZAMWI - The Zoroastrian Association of the Metropolitan Washington 

Florida - ZAF -Zoroastrian Association of South Florida 

Illinois - ZAC - Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Chicago 

Massachusetts - ZAGBA - The Zoroastrian Association of the Greater Boston Area 

Massachusetts - MIT Zoroastrian Association - affiliated with ZAGBA

New York - ZAGNY - The Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York 

Ontario - ZSO - The Zoroastrian Society of Ontario  - under development

Texas - ZAH - Zoroastrian Association of Houston 

Texas - ZANT - Zoroastrian Association of North Texas - Dallas


World - By Country
Australia -
Zoroastrian Association of Western Australia

Australia - Zoroastrian Association of Victoria, Inc. - Melbourne

England - Zoroastrian Trust Fund of Europe - UK - London

India - BUZY - Baroda United Zoroastrian Youth trust

India - The Bombay Parsi Punchayet - Official site   new.gif (3281 bytes)

Iran - Shiraz Zoroastrian Anjuman - Iran's first Zoroastrian web site

Iran - Farevahar - Kerman Zoroastrians -Kerman Zoroastrian pages, also linked to Yahoo Farevahar club

New Zealand - Zarathustrian Association of New Zealand 

Pakistan - KZBM - Karachi Zarthosti Banu Mandal - Pakistan's first Zoroastrian web site

International - WZO - World Zoroastrian Organization - Based in London, England

International - AIMZ - Association of Inter-Married Zoroastrians

International -ZWIN - Zarathushti Women's International Network


Specialty Sites:

Zoroastrian Kids
- Dedicated to children only.

World Zoroastrian Directory - World-wide Zoroastrian white and yellow pages.

Worldwide Community Center - A comprehensive site creating a community center for Zoroastrians worldwide

Z-Cards - Zoroastrian electronic greeting cards by

Zoroastrian Greeting Cards - By Meher D. Amalsad  new.gif (3281 bytes) 

Zoroastrian Greetings - Zoroastrian electronic greeting e-cards by BlueMountain

LCTL language courses: Avestan - Avestan College Courses compiled by University of Minnesota

Mobed Kerman Katrak - The first Zoroastrian Mobed (Priest) Internet site offering Zoroastrian Religious Services

Freddie Mercury's faith - About the late Freddie Mercury of Queen, with some misconceptions about the Zoroastrian Religion.



Thus Spake the Real Zarathushtra
The Z Factor
  - Books by Shahriar Shahriari

Books about Zarathushtra
Books about Zoroastrianism 




Other Sites by Shahriar: - Biographical information + articles and poems.

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam - Translations into English in three versions (literal, meaning, and Fitzgerald translations.) Includes biography, philosophy and miniature arts.

A tribute to Rumi - Poetry of Molana Jalal-e-Din Molavi Rumi in Farsi and Translations in English, plus art work and biography of Rumi.

Divan-e Hafiz - Life and poetry of Hafiz in Farsi and English translation, plus art gallery and more.


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