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I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the following for their help in making this site possible:

Dina G. McIntyre the editor of "An Introduction to the Gathas of Zarathushtra" series. Her work speaks volumes about her dedication and service to the community.

K. Eddie Mehrfar for sending me the first two pictures of Zarathushtra for the picture gallery.

F. Demehri for compiling a list of Zoroastrian web-sites, and making it available for publication here.

Piran J. Ambapardiwala for the fire graphics in the second Cyber-Temple.

Korosh for the Temple Picture Gallery, and the fire and some of the graphics at the Achaemenian Fire Temple.

Katherine Arion for the 4 paintings of Zarathushtra in the picture gallery.

All the authors and artists who have been acknowledged and referred to for their works.

All of you who have visited this site, and have made your public or private suggestions for improving the content.

All those who have been a part of my life, enabling me to undertake this project.

And all those who have no doubt been playing a part at one time or another, but whose names have not appeared here.


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