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email: persian.knights@virgin.net
Category: Spiritual
Date: 18 Oct 1998
Time: 08:39:49


Dear Amir Iam very glad that,you are creaing an organization which is more open minded. You must undersatnd that we all need a source,where we can get our information,and be taught about it.Ofcourse in the temple social gathering takes place,but there is no harm to joine in to experience the occasion.I would be very greatful to be notify upon your sucession of starting your association.There is only one thing that I very strongly disagree,let us not allow our united Iranian society to go through where India has,being disunited because of religious beleif is the most dangerous thing that can happen to our society.ONLY IGNORANTE COMMUNITY OF ANY BACKGROUND MAY CONTEMPLATE THIS. I wish you all the best,and shall be looking forward hearing your progress.

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