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From: Amir
email: asghari@utd.edu
Category: Cultural
Date: 17 Oct 1998
Time: 20:24:53


Mr./Mrs. X,

Your experience is unfortunately a common phenomenon about which you can do little. On the other hand, you should ask yourself at first place why do you need to go to a temple. If you want to know more about the message and teachings of Zartosht, then you can study and practice those by yourself. There are books and references availabe. Usually going to a temple is a social event and the religeous matters are not as progressive as they should be. In other words, learning and repeating Sanscrit words doesn't help you learn the true teachings. Instead try to understand and study the modern and progressive content of the faith.

There are also Zartoshtis who are more liberal and open but generally like other religions they are under thought control by clergy and pressure from their environment. The hostility toward specially Moslems is understandable in the historical context.

I am in the process of establishing the "Society of Progressive Iranian Zartoshtis". Later on you can become an affiliate at no charge or obligation and learn, practice, and spread the true messages and teachings of Zartosht that are discussed among members.

Good Luck.

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