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From: X
Category: Cultural
Date: 17 Oct 1998
Time: 09:39:42


Dear Iranians Iam an Iranian student residing, and studying in UK. I have always been most interested in Zoroastanis,because of its spiritual message ,and also it gave me a sense of identity as an Iranian nationalist. Last year in Mehrgan fest I phoned the Temple in London to ask if I maybe able to joine in the celeberation, to be able to expand my knowledge,and further my understanding of this good religion.I msut admit I was most offended by the Q that the man was asking me on the phone.Are you a moslem?....Why you are so interested?....Do you have any family link to Zartoshtee?!... Are you 100% moslem?!...Because of my passion for this great religion,and philosophy I manage to be patient with this ignorant man...and I told myself that one can come across such an ignorance across the spectrum.Upon my arrival to the temple I failed really good for the decoration,and had a spiritual feeling that one can not express,I found the nearest seat to have a good view of the priests who were preaparing for the fire,fruits, and floweres. The lady whom was sitting next to me kept on looking at my necklace who had the Zoroastrain sign..she asked If I was a Parsi or an Iranian...and I replied an Iranian...she sounded releaved!...upon continuation of our conversation she found out that I was not born zoroastrian...which made her back off!.....Once the eleberation was over we were asked to go to the buffet for dinner as I got up she ran to spread the news to her friends of a moslem presence in the temple!...And I could feel certain people's look on me...as if there was an Alien in there!...I was most dissapointed with all this ignorance that existed in there.....mostly with the 60 miles journey that I had to make....I pray to Ahura Mazda to help us to further expand his message,and to be able to be more united as an Iranian whether born Zoroastrian or new commer...or a moselm....1st Human...2nd Iranian...and then we can find the truth...I beleive I have found it in Zoroastanim...But if I went there just to find out 1st hand....I would have never looked this good religion twice by people's ATTITUDE!

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