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The Truth

From: Amir
email: appadana@hotmail.com
Category: Spiritual
Date: 27 Sep 1998
Time: 13:34:11


Dear people,

After the invasion and destruction of the great Persian empire by Arabs in 7th century A.D., the Arabs committed a genocide among Iranians who refused to accept the invaders faith (Islam).

After imposing heavy economic and social sanctions against Iranian Zartoshti's, the Moobeds (clergy) advocated a protectionistic policy namely that a Zartoshti is the one whose parents are genuine Zartoshti and a Zartoshti MUST exclusively marry a fellow Zartoshti to preserve the genes and the faith.

Through my deep research in the past 15 years, I have not been able to find any evidence that these concepts have been introduced by Zartosht himself. On the contrary, we know that Zartosht had tought his lectures in Babylon where the Jews and Greek schoolars attended his lectures and adopted his ideas into Greek phylosophy and Jewish faith. Therefore, Zartosht couldn't have been the originator of the idea that his lessons belong exclusively to Zartoshtis.

There are basically two major tasks that a true Zartoshti should fulfill:

1) practicing Good deeds, Good thoughts, and Good words asfar as possible. However, Zartosht prophest that if one practice these three rules then he/she would belong to the camp of Ahura Mazda (wise lord) andhis/her soul would climb the 5 stages toward perfection. Otherwise, he/she would temporarily belong to the camp of Ahrimal (evil). This is a universal prophecy and anyone regardless of race or ethnicity will belong to the camp of Goodness if he/she practices these three rules. There is absolutely no evidence that Zartosht has advocated these exclusively for Iranian Zartoshtis and not anyone else.

2) The second commandment of Zartosht was that a true Zartoshti should keep 4 elements of Earth, Water, Air, an Fire clean. Again we see that practicing these rules will protect the environment and would benefit the mankind regardless of the geographic location.

My conclusion is that if one practices these 2 major commandments, then he/she automatically has fulfilled the Zartosht's recommendations and per definition he/she is a Zartoshti.

Through my contacts with the Zartoshti's of Canada and US I found that the great majority of them are not only not practicing these rules but also they are unaware of them as well. The take for granted that that they are a Zartoshti by birth which is not a sufficient condition for being a true Zartoshti. Also they prohibit the outsiders to their community and faith. But nobody needs a conversion ceremony or anyone's permission to become a follower of Zartosht. Anyone who actively practices the mentioned two commendments is per definition a follower of Zartosht and does not need approval or a ceremony.

Currently I am authoring my book "The Message of Zartosht" in which I reflect my research and investigation of the social, scientific contents of Zartosht and his teachings. I encourage you all to read it. Upon publishing I will post it on the net.

At the end I would like to quote Zartosht "... at the end, light will conquer the darkness, and Ahura MAzada will overcome the Ahriman".

May Good thoughts, deeds,and words be with you.

Dr. Amir Asghari

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January 1997, Vancouver Canada
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