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From: Nader Hozhabri
email: Nader.Hozhabri@NSM.COM
Category: Spiritual
Date: 06 Apr 1998
Time: 22:29:59


I would like to make a comment on the subject of conversion to Zoroastarian faith. Until now, I did not know that conversion to Zoroastarian is impossible. If this is the case, those who do not accept others in this faith, are not true Zoroastarian, and this is the reason. The whole philosophy of Zarathushtra is based on Good Words, Good Thoughts, and Good Deads. If someone from this faith does not accept others to his/her faith, he/she is violationg the basics. Because, this person does not have a good word, and not a good thought, and therefore, not good dead. One basic idea of this faith is to encourage others to "good deads", because this action is a "good dead". If I prevent people from conversion, simply I am going against my own belief. I have also one question. If conversion is impossible, then why advertizing ?

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