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Re: Conversion

From: Chris
email: ken_shanakr@msn.com
Category: Spiritual
Date: 17 Mar 1998
Time: 10:25:22


John, I'm responding to your posting on conversion in Zoroastrianism. It seems there are two camps with regard to conversion: the Orthodox, who claim that religion is given to us by G-d, and that it would be a sin to convert, because conversion implies that G-d is wrong, and the more liberal Zarathustrian Assemby-type Zoroastrians, who feel (rightly) that G-d's and Zarathustra's message is for the benefit of all mankind, and not just for the lucky few who are born Parsis or Iranians.

To some extent, many faithful are imbued with chauvanisim: "Our way is the one True Way, all others are sinners.." it's everywhere, it's human nature and it's unfortunate.

I don't think the articles were meant to denigrate other faiths, just point out that Judaism and Christianity have their origins in Zoroastrianism. But I also agree with you on the conversion point. I'd convert if I could, but I fear I wouldn't be welcome in the community at large, I'd always be an outsider, so I'd never be able to worship at a temple.

Check out the Zarathustrian Assembly home page; their position on spreading this lovely faith to all is open-minded and welcoming.

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