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From: John
email: Jabil24@usa.net
Category: Spiritual
Date: 08 Mar 1998
Time: 10:29:27


Hello :o)

I read your articles concerning the Zoroastrian influence on the Judeo-Christian tradition .It was quite interesting and informative .

One article suggests that the Law which Jews and Christians believe was revealed to Moses in sinai and written in the Torah , is actualy a forgery written during the Jewish exile in Persia . The Article claims Ezra was the compiler/forger .

I'f Zoroastrianism was a Religion that accepts converts then I would understand you posting such contraversial and confrontational / hostile material against the validity of Judaism /Christianity but since your religion is one of ethnicity which doesn't allow people to convert , then what you are doing is simply destroying , depreciating , defaming the faith of Jews and Christians .

You are leaving people with an impression that zoroastrianism is the true religion which all other religions of the western world like Judaism , Christianity and Islam borrowed , stold its theology and rituals from . I believe you're right . But now what of me, a poor Christian ?

Why would I want to stay a Christian knowing my Bible is a forgery ? Now I have no where to go , I cant convert to Zoroatrianism .

You should either start accepting converts or stop disvalidating other people's religion .

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