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re. origination and historical mention of Zoroastrianism .

From: Bahman Ostowari
email: ostowari@mysurf.com
Category: Spiritual
Date: 16 Dec 1997
Time: 05:34:09


Book (s) to read, "Edgar Cayce on ATLANTIS", Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus, etc., in which frequent/scattereds references are made to the Ancient Zorastrians and how the Zoroastrian tenets and rituals which have passed down through the ages and are known in the present, bear a curious pre-Christian tinge. The Zoroastrian Prophecies included the coming of the Messiah....who would be visited by the three Persian Magi, or Zoroastrian wise men, who would predict his birth by astrological and numerological forecasts. Cayce indicated that the Magi who arrived in Bethlehem, came because of such predictions and that they were Zoroastrians. This world renowned prophet and psychic, in a state of self induced sleep, gave a series of 2,500 clairvoyant readings devoted to metaphysics with reincarnation as their central theme. In Edgar Cayce's "story of Jesus", America's Sleeping Phophet offers his interpretation of the greatest story ever told. The chapter six of this book is wholly devoted to "Persia" . The opening paragraph of this chapter should stimulate the interest of every Zoroastrian. Edgar Cayce, Americas most celebrated prophet, offers some startling insights about one of mankind's most incredible mysteries, the fabulous Lost Continent of Atlantis, and the Migration of the survivors to Asia and Europe. ,

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