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Re: Facts of History about Zoroastrianism

From: Ronald Delavega
Date: 22 Jul 2000
Time: 06:32:23


Ushta! Excuse me for butting in, but what Cyrus said in the cylinder you are talking about, was not necessarily evidence that he was not a Zarathushti. If you read Isaiah chapters 44 & 45 You will find that suppossedly Jehovah also took him by the hand and made him king of kings etc. I believe that we have here is Cyrus very clever policy towards conquered peoples.

Although there are no inscriptions in which Cyrus can be really identified as Zarathushti, there are inscriptions by both his father and his uncle that reigned in persia before him that clearly mark them as practicing some variety of Zarathushti religion. To me it seems unlikely that Cyrus would not be at least nominally a Zarathushti. If you wasnt some info in this subject check out the page called first prophet.

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