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Children of Inter-religious marriages

From: Armeen Irani
Date: 08 Jul 2000
Time: 16:59:51


My parents were married in Karachi, back in the 50's in a Civil ceremony. My father being a Parsi and my mother a Catholic, didn't really allow for much of a choice in this matter. I grew up, not knowing anyone or anything about my father's family or religion. My mother only told us that my paternal grandfather did not accept the marriage and so we would never be a part of our father's family. My paternal grandmother died before I was born. I was raised a Catholic and today am a non-practicing 35 year old person who feels lost about what to believe in. I will tell you that all that I am as a mother, as a partner, as a friend, as a sister, as a daughter, that I am proud of, comes from my father. Not from what he talked about, but, from what I have seen of his life. I am very thankful for the person that he is. I am very grateful that he chose to share with us as children, his philosophies and beliefs. This leads me to have a great interest in the religion of Zorastrianism. Not for conversion purposes, so much as for a better understanding of who my ancestors are and who my father is. I am not a big believer in changing religions. One of the main reasons I left the Catholic church was that I just could not teach my children about Hell. The concept does not make sense to me. What does make sense is the concept of reincarnation. How could I mix this with Christianity? What I feel is an injustice is that children from 'mixed' marriages are often left out or feel left out from sharing in this rich history. I would appreciate any feedback about learning more of our shared culture and also if there are Parsi organizations in the U.S. that do allow those of us who are not 100% to participate and learn about our Parsi ancestry.

Regards, Armeen

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