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Conversion in Zarathushtra's philosophy

From: Dina G. McIntyre
Date: 06 Jul 2000
Time: 17:52:28


Dear Hormuzd,

I enjoyed your posting very much.

The current policy against conversion is not to be found in any (repeat any) ancient text. Indeed, many ancient texts affirmatively advocate conversion, and recently (in the 1980s) the Kankash e Mobedan of Tehran in an official opinion which touched on certain texts, held that conversion was not only permitted in our religion, but was a meritorious act.

As for what we should do now, our "community" is so divided, not only on the conversion issue but on so many others, that it really is not a "community" at all, except in name. I believe those of us who love our religion as taught by Zarathushtra, should simply form communities of our own, in which anyone who wants to practice the religion as originally taught, is welcome. I do not think anything is to be gained at this time by trying to glue together such disparate groups as the so-called traditionalists and those who love the original message. The inconsistencies are too great.

Wishing you the best,


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