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Re: What was Haoma?

From: Bahman Noruziaan
Date: 03 Jul 2000
Time: 17:44:43


In Zarathushtian tradtion is said that,

Ashoo Zarathushtra made a sacred Haom drink and Gushtasp drank it and went to a dream in which he saw his afterlife future.

It is said that Pious Arda Viraf drank a concecrated haoma juice after which he went to sleep for 3 ( 7? ) days and nights during which he could see the future of the Good as well as the Bad people of the world in their after life.

Hafez the great Iranian poet in may couplets in his poetry refers to "May-e Moghaan" or "Sharaab-e Moghaan" meaning the wine of the Moghs ( Zoroastrian Mobeds ) , by drinking which one can attain some sort of spiriual vision and undestanding.

Bahman Noruziaan

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