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Re: What was Haoma?

From: Hormuzd
Date: 02 Jul 2000
Time: 20:53:08


Dear Ashegan, Re-- Haoma-- It was the extract of a pounded plant, the identity of the original plant may well have been a species of 'Ephedra'. This extract of ephedra,with milk and leaves of another plant ( ? name) was used as a ritual offering to the waters at the end of a 'YASNA' ceremony. Apparently, the Zoroastrians ascribed great qualities to the extract of the plant, whose juice, they held,could exhilarate men and heighten the powers, eg warriors drinking it would quickly be filled with battle-fury, poets be inspired, and priests become more open to devine promptings. From this a concept developed, of a ritual of the 'green-eyed' god HAOMA, the divine priest, who was invoked also as a healer, a protector of cattle, giving strength to fighting men, and warding off drought and famine. ( All this information is from the book on ZOROASTRIANS written by the scholarly lady Mary Boyce) The most common use of Ephedrine now a days is for reversible asthma and bronchitis plus ephedrine also has a stimulant effect on the brain, and promotes receptivity. That is all I can say about HAOMA. If you should come across any more interesting facts about it, then please let me know.


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