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Re: Re-- DASATIR or DESATIR -- To Ashegan and Bahman

From: ashegan
Date: 30 Jun 2000
Time: 12:58:57


i am greatful to both you and bahman for your help... the authority of dasatir was appearing quite dubious.. the muslims are having a field day with it though.. they are skimming all the world scriptures for their prophet's name... luckily i know better than to believe such stories.. i am only now starting to realise the immense influence of zarathustri tradition on development of islam.. for example even the shahada (la illah illallah) was originally parsi sacred formula: nest ezad magar yazdan... and even though almost all the surahs in quran start with 'bismillah ar rahman ar rahim' it was first used by ancient persian writers to start their books: banam yazdan bakkshish gar dadar...

you may want to see the links to these muslim claims:

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