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Re-- DASATIR or DESATIR -- To Ashegan and Bahman

From: Hormuzd
Date: 29 Jun 2000
Time: 20:27:19


Dear Ashegan and Bahman,

I have read both of your recent texts.As far as I can make out Desatir (Ordinances) is a work now generally regarded as a literary forgery, produced probably within a Persian Sufi sect, and having mostly a tenuous connections with Zoroastrianism. A manuscript of it had been brought back from Iran by Mulla Kaus,and it was published in Bombay in 1818 by his son, Mulla Firoze, arousing great interest there. It consists of a text in an artificial language( with elements taken from Indian and Iranian dialects, and a largely Persian grammar), and a Persian 'translation' of this, studiously free from Arabic words; and it purports to contain the sayings of fourteen successive prophets, from 'Mahabad' ( who flourished in remote prehistory) to the 'Fifth Sasan' (living just before the Arab conquest). Theoretically, these prophets were thought to be the 'hidden Masters' and the religion they taught had prevailed , in Iran down the ages, different from what prophet Zoroaster had ascribed in the Avesta. ( Mary Boyce's book on Zoroastrians, pages 197, and 198. Ashegan, the few sentences you quoted were supposedly written in the holy Koran, as prophesies, made by whom,??? God alone knows. It seems incredible to me how it came to be written in the holy Koran when the Persian empire was in existence, 1000 years before the start of Islamisation of Iran took place which was in around 636 AD. So in other words the prophecy was written after the event, to facilitate subtle conversion, from Zoroastrianism to Islam. DO take note of the fact that, during that period, there was a man called SALMAN-E-FARSI who was then a close companion of prophet Mohammed, (almost like his friend, philosopher and guide), and what is more interesting, is the fact that SALMAN himself was a renegade son of a Zoroastrian high priest, who had after absconding from Persia to Syria, was first converted to Chritianity, which he subsequently renounced and then went in search of a sage in Arabia (who was in fact Mohammed who was going to be the future spiritual guide in Arabia), therefore it is quite possible that the sentences written in the DESATIR were the original sayings inserted in the later versions of the Koran. So to cut a long story short, quite a few Zoroastrian customs crept in eg, Praying five times a day, in Shi'sm in Iran the handed down clerical duties from father to son stems from Zoroastrian customs, and to make the Semitic Arab philosophy more palatable, and acceptable to the Aryan Iranians, other aminities were offered, ie, only "if they converted" was, freedom from paying taxes, freedom from general persecution, and offering them higher posts in governing the various, districts of Iran, further encouraged the proletariat to accept an alien Semitic philosophy, and as the number of conversions increased, so did the converted ones influenced their kith and kins to follow suit, and the whole process snow-balled, with the result that the country by now, was solidly in the hands of the conquerers, till the 9th and the 10th century AD, when the remaining Iranians left their fatherland to an alien but friendly country that was India.

In conclusion, I personally would not give any credence to the contents of the DESATIR ( a faked literary forgery) But then, this is my personal opinion. Hormuzd.

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