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Re: On conversion to Zarathushtra's philosophy

From: Ronald Delavega
Date: 25 Jun 2000
Time: 01:56:07


Greetings Shervin; It is not a matter of who the the conservative Parsis or Iranians are going to 'let in'. Rather is a matter of following the prophet. If the conservatives do not wish to accept the new comers, let those in the community who want to follow the Gathas and what Asho Zarathushtra taught in them; welcome them in and join them in new associations.

If the progressive and pro-acceptance Zarathushtis continue to complain that the conservatives are not 'letting in' the people that want to join the Beh Din, but do nothing about it, the religion will suffer and the clear teaching of the prophet will not be followed.

Ushta Te! Ronald Delavega


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