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On conversion to Zarathushtra's philosophy

From: Hormuzd
Date: 18 Jun 2000
Time: 21:31:12


Dear readers,

In the contents column, I do not see any topic of conversion of non-zoroastrians to the zoroastrian religion. Is it because of the age-old ideas of our beloved but orthodox ancestors, who left us and the community to die out a natural death, as an extinct oddity that once existed in this universe? Or is it a true exposition of Spitaman Zarathushtra himself, about 3,500 years ago? Thus limiting only a certain numbers, who were fortunate to be there in Iran in his days. Did Zarathushtra determine the exact number and day of extinction of the last Zoroastrian soul, in this Universe, or was it determined by our scholastic MOBEDS AND DASTURS? Or were they, the so-called PARSIS of the INDO-PAK continent thinking of such a stupid and self destructive scheme after landing on the coast of GUJERAT? Can any thinking Parsi reply and convince me that in this day of advanced and progressive society, world wide of course, justifying such absurd thoughts? and resigning to such a fatal consequence? Is this not a kind of "religious Aparthied" that we are

promoting? which to my thinking is worse than what the South Africans practised. Do we really believe that only a child born of a Parsi couple is the soul inheritor of the Good religion? Do we have to drag our good prophet's name to such a base level?

I would no doubt, appreciate a discussion only from the thinking fraternity, without obvious abuses. Do keep it on a decent footing, won't you? Mind you, I am expecting a lot of flak, but I do not mind, because I am thick-skinned, but by the grace of Ahura Mazda, not a thick head.


Lastly please refrain from drowning other under informed people by, stating what the religious GURUS say, and the holy scriptures write. We are now numbering only about 125,000 in this whole universe, are we not ashamed of this fact? This nonsense of mixed blood theory, and foreign genes should be thrown out of the window. We know that we are ARYANS but so are the Iranians, Indians, Pakistanis, Tajiks, Kurds and Afghans, and last but not the least the so-called GERMANIC ARYANS. So where do we go from here? Do we graciously accept non-Parsis or divide ourselves into Orthodox Parsis and Neo-Parsis? And when I mention Neo-Parsis, they could well be Africans, Chinese, Caucasians, Slavs Etc, Etc. Mind you, by doing so we will lose all our inherent ugly characteristics eg, hooked nose and buck teeth, are you prepared to face that? In conclusion, I would stress upon you orthodox and thick-head Parsis to think hard and decide, not for you but for the future of the community. Mind you we are microscopic in numbers now, but let us not vanish into nothingness.

I wish you well, only the enlightened ones, take note.



From: Astrid
Date: 24 Dec 2006
Time: 09:08:24

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