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Re: who is a follower of zarathushtra

From: Hormuzd
Date: 18 Jun 2000
Time: 19:58:20


Dear Marc, If you really are sure, you want to follow the Zarathushtrian religion, in my opinion there is no one to stop you from believing in the philosophy of Zarathushtra. After all, when a philosophy is taught by a person, he, himself is a free thinker, so anyone wanting to follow in his footsteps, is also accepted as one of the followers, and it is entirely for that person to continue with it or refute it. Remember the philosophy of prophet Zarathushtra was always open to the thinking man and not to somebody who feels compelled to, or who wishes to join out of sheer hopelessness of his condition. It is essentially a religion of total free choice and nothing more. It does not threaten you or offer you any promise of heaven or hell. All it says is, if you have " Good thoughts, utter good words, and do Good deeds" then you will be a better human being, now what could be simpler and more effective than that? Are you prepared to do that, Marc?

Good luck and God bless.



From: Seth
Date: 24 Dec 2006
Time: 08:45:13

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