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My View of the Zarathushtian Religion-1

From: Bahman Noruziaan
Date: 23 Apr 2000
Time: 17:28:01


The relationship of Zarathushtra with the creator, Mazda (The Wise); is based on trust, friendship and mutual cooperation, meaning by promoting Goodness he receives Goodness and support as well.

Man as is said by Zarathushtra has been created to use his mind and freedom; to find out the answers to the un-knowns and to find the Truth.

Man is a co-worker of the creator in the course of creation, to make the world a better place to live for all; the humans the animals and the plants.

Freedom is an undeniable cornerstone of the Religion of Zarathushtra. Freedom to know and freedom to let the others know, and Freedom to choose one's path of life. It is under this condition that the people's talents will flower and bring about sweet fruits of wisdom, science and art.

Fear, hopelessness, sadness, anger, blind obedience or servitude should not spoil the relationship between Man and Mazda.

However, as a free and proud creature, Zarathushtra had and we will ask and question Mazda of the problems the world is faced with. And will ask him to give us wisdom and power to solve those problems.

A Zartoshti will not attribute any of the hardships, he/she or the others go through to the will of Mazda. Mazda wants no one any harm. If there is injustice, war, crime, famine, stupidity, ignorance, illiteracy, human abuse, animal and environment abuse, disease and as a result unhappiness for any of the creations of Mazda; it is either because there is imperfection in the material world or it is because of Man's unwise and unrighteous actions.

It is the duty of all people of the world and especially among them the Good Wise ones to eliminate all aspects of evil in the world and bring about perfection to the universe with hope and effort.

A universe where every creature of Mazda can perform in its best.

Bahman Noruziaan

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