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From: Borzou
Date: 11 Apr 2000
Time: 13:40:02


There are two symbols I believed to have been Zoroastian that I have been trying to identify. One is the symbol on your homepage with the man and the wings. My cousin recently moved to the United States from Iran, and brought me a necklace with that symbol on it. I want to know more about what it represents. The second, which I am not certain is a Zoroastian symbol, is a what appears to be a winged lion, almost entirely enclosed in a circle, except for a small break in the circle between his feet. This is the image that I am primarily concerned with, and would very much appreciate any assistance you could give me that would help me identify it, and if possible help me find a photo/picture of. Thank you.


From: john
Date: 28 Mar 2006
Time: 09:14:01



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