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From: CK
email: Cyrus@khambata.freeserve.co.uk
Category: Spiritual
Date: 20 Feb 2000
Time: 06:01:03


Dear Dina Mcintyre--have just revisited this site, hence a late reply to your questions. Personally I would say the voice of sanity has already spoken volumes through 'The Secret Doctrine'.

Before attempting to answere the 2nd question, I would like to state, that metrical, hymns such as the Gathas, and poems such as Homers,have defied analysis to this day. Analysis of such works through philology or otherwise offer vague insights at the best, hence could mislead the lay person. As such should we not consider those, as sites under construction, Yet encourage the priscribed tenets of each Religion be practised in-situ. I admit, inter-marriage has caused serious divisions in communities calling into question the very core of our scriptual Works. I would have thought, such prescribed tenets would only apply strictly to the priesthood. The lay practiser could be forgiven such a breach, where matters of the heart is concerned, providing such persons are willing to bring-up their families with Zarathusti principals. Within the spirit of the community, each should respect the others right to practise the tenets based on their individual circumstance, without slander. If this were to mean seperate Agyaris, so be it, because we go there to offer our prayers to Ahura Mazda, and not to be seen praying by the community. Such must be the nature of Sub-Races and Family-Races and how they evolve. In conclusion, A true Zarathusti would help his fellow brother or sister in times of need, spiritually or otherwise and under whatever circumstance. Otherwise why pretend to be Zarathustis AT ALL. These are my sincere views. Cyrus

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