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etymology of Zarathushtra

From: jorge
email: jorge1215@aol.com
Category: Cultural
Date: 28 Jan 2000
Time: 21:58:42



After reading the website's review of the history of Zarathushtra, I was intrigued by the translation of the name of Zarathushtra. I was also very happy since I had been looking for quite some time. And wish to thank Shahriar Sharhiari for giving me this much.

I can "see" how the second part "shtra" could be equivalent to "star"; it seems to be carried over when it is "Zoroaster"; "aster" which also may be equivalent to "astro" which is also "star".

My question is: has there been any other interpretations of the word "Zarathushtra"?

In the website it makes reference to "golden"; and there appears to be some idiomatic references to "owner" or "camel".

Has anyone expounded on this?

Also any other updates to the time period of Zarathustra?

Thank you for your time.

I wish you all well.


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