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Re: research

From: Ronald Delavega
email: gaspar3@bellsouth.net
Category: Spiritual
Date: 22 Dec 1999
Time: 03:08:14


Greetings Karin T. : Like Christianity the Good Religion has many subdivisions, unlike Christians Zarathushtis do not want to accept that their community is divided. Anyway thr several different groups have different ideas on Saviors. Most conservative Zoroastrians and some of the progressive believe in up to 4 saviors according to which group they belong. These Saviors are called Saoshyants or Soshyans and are all supposed to be born of virgin mothers and of the sperm of Zarathushta miraculously preserved in an Iranian lake. When the virgins reach 15 they bathe in the lake and their son is born. This event repeats itself every 1000 years until all the virgins give birth and all the Saoshyants are born. The more liberal; Zarathushtis called Gathiists and mostprogtressives do not believe in a coming Savior at all. They believe that in the Gathas Zarathushtra said that the person who follows the will of Ahura and becomes a world healer is a Saoshyant ( the word literary means Benefactor ) As to Salvation all religions even Christianity have groups which believe that salvation is achieved by good works. Since Mazdayasna does not believe in original sin or that man has become depraved and is now evil and incapable of reaching God or Saslvation. It does not need the believe in the sacrifice of someone to pay for others sins. So salvation in mazdayasna is choosing to think say and do good and not evil. Good beoing defined as whatever promotes all creation including but not limited to mankind towards perfection, immortality and union with God. Repentance is viewed differently by different groups by some is practiced ( not with sacrifice ) others belief that when you sin you have just made a mistake and need to correct it but do not need to repent or do pennance for it. They say that repentance is meaningless because Asha (The Truthful and Righteous Order of the Universe ) rewards each of our actions, good for the good bad for the bad. I hope I haven't confuse you too much. My advice is too check this site out thoroughly, it is by far the best. If you need more detailed info e-mail me and I will gladly try to help. Ronald Delavega Ushta Te

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