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From: CK
Category: Spiritual
Date: 07 Nov 1999
Time: 08:11:07


Shervin, no offence taken at all, your Q's are genuine and similar in tone to many Iranians (That I know). I think it is very wrong for anyone(not only Iranian) to be refused conversion into any religion of their choosing, but in particular where Zoroastrianism is concerned, whereby it is clear that Zarathustra himself was trying to unite the peoples of two religious thoughts, then the tenent of our religion, which states conversion from one religion to another as taboo, clearly does not apply to the Zarathusti bretheren of Iran, as the change was forced on them physically not spiritually, I for one, consider them as fellow Zarathustis still, and they need nobodys permission whatsoever, since they never left.

Your second point, has to be viewed with your statements in your first para. I am afraid, it is the future of Zoroastrianism, as we know it today, the Religion is clearly divided and the community(rest of) does not exist as a single Zarathusti unit. a) The Iranians will follow (one way or another) the Gatha only cult, as there is no other choice today. b) The Parsis of India today, will follow whatever they believe in. c) People like myself living elsewhere, do not wish to join the cult, nor have anymore faith in the current religious practises in India in the name of Zarathustra, must live in limbo till the voice of sanity appears.

So Shervin have you any suggestions to break this crazy enpasse.

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