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From: shervin
Category: Spiritual
Date: 03 Nov 1999
Time: 01:23:23


CK, what is your take on the conversion issue? Do you believe that the iranians who through the force of time and circomstances have lost their religion should forever be barred from rejoining it? The heart of the iranian people beats for zartosht and his message. As the iranian nation gradually frees itself and starts to claim its heritage and its genius, do the zartoshti community leaders plan to punish it for what has happened in the past, which has certainly been very painful for them as well? will they refuse them their open arms? will they withold the salvation from their yearning hearts? will they tell them "yes, through the centuries we've been paying for the secret with our lives, we've been keeping watch when you all fell asleep, we've sacrificed what's dearest to us to keep the word alive, but now we refuse to share it with you? Is that a cruel joke on the iranian people or the future of zoroastrianism?

And on a second note, i also need to know what you are trying to imply by "if you want to enroll at the zoroastrian assembly, do so. they are also zoroastrian. but it's a Gathas only cult."? are they not recognized by the rest of the zartoshti community? how is the relationship between the Z. assembly and indian and iranian Zartoshti communities? (separately)

As you can see i am full of questions which are very dear to my heart. And i hope you didn't find the tone of my questions offensive. That wasn't the intent. I would appreciate your response.

bA doroud va bedroud

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