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From: Anonim
Category: Spiritual
Date: 09 Oct 1999
Time: 10:16:14


When we deal with customs, cultures and religions as old as Zoratustriannism, is quite a job to learn and understand the "true" nature of them. However I do not consider myself expert in any of the above sunjests, but can only "through" my opinion to what I consider to be the right answer (or version) to a complex question:

1/ Zaratustra never claimed to be a "profit", he only claimed to have "found" the path towards the ultimate KNOWLEDGE (Ahura Mazda or the Wise Sprit). His name, The Golden Enlightment, must have been given to him after his claim and consecuent respect of his people.

2/ The figuers such as "emshasependad", "izadan",etc.. in another word the ANGLES apeared in this religion after his death, and if there had been any mention of it was meant to be the "spritual" condition of the mind, not as beings that they happen to be seating next to the God(!?).

3/ Stories of the Hell and Heaven (as our present concept of them) was almost no existant. It was decaded and in some cases centuries after Zaratustra´s death when the "religion shops" were opened, and as the famous Iranian poet, "Khayyam" used to say: "they told stories, they went to sleep and made others go to sleep too!!". The famouse "visit" of ERDAVIRAF (I think written about 300AD)is one of such stories.

In the end I add that I am not in a postion to insist on my opinios, or the ligibility or reliabiliy of my suorces or "intuitive" deductions; but hope one they we all become "enlighted".

All the best to eveyone.

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