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Meeting a Parsi

From: Sohrab
Category: Spiritual
Date: 04 Oct 1999
Time: 00:08:27


Dear friends,

I found this site while searching for some information. However, I was born to a shi'a (by name) Moslim family, but chose agnosticism over that religion. My father, who was also agnostic, used to read poems of Ferdowsi's Sahnameh to me to enlighten me about my heritage and nobelity of our ancestors while I grew up back in Iran. Indeed, every time I go to visit him, he still intermittently switches his senteces with verses of Shahnameh. I remember my family always celebrated traditional Persian feasts.

To make the long story short, recently in my work place, I met a swearthy middle-aged man with an East Indian accent. Since he was an A/V technician, and I work for a presentation firm, I had to wotk with him for a couple of days. I introdused myself, and when found out his name was Dariush, I was so pleased. I learned he was a Parsi from India... Unfortunately, there wasn't much time for us to exchange too many words (since we both were on a hectic schedule). But I was saddened to find out that he does not celebrate Nowrooz (apparently his wife wasn't Parsi, and his kids were born in diaspora).

I always considered Parsi people as the symbol of survival of the noble culture of the land of Ahura. What has happened to us! Should we blame this on the Arab conquest of our land among others? After all, we are the newest generation of exiles in the hands of Tzi-parast!

All the best to everyone

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