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From: CK
Category: Spiritual
Date: 30 Sep 1999
Time: 13:15:48


Anonim Please offer a little more clarity, with regard to the teachings of Zarathustra, when you say that the Parsis follow a different path than the Zoroastrians in Iran, how is this possible? when the Iranians although converted theoritically to Islam, still, upto the middle of this century, sent their young men to Bombay to study under Parsi Preists, in order to officiate at ceremonies on return to Iran. Secondly, your statement regarding, pre-Islamic Iranians practise being the same as is now, cannot be true, because the Parsis ARE the pre-Islamic Iranians and are practising Zorastrianism as dictated by the Tenets of the Religion. Thirdly the Gathas were only translated very recently. Hence if the current practise amongst the Zarathusti's in Iran is of the ancient nature then it is no different from what the Parsis in India are practising. On the other hand if your argument is to clarify that, since our Gathas are recently translated, The Zoroastrian community of the World who have no access to Esoteric Knowledge, should get together and form a better comprehension of the entire religion based on one document excluding all else. Then I say this is already being conducted by the Zoroastrian Assembly for the benifit of those who were converted to Islam and wish to revert back. Its a Gatha only cult.

If you choose to enroll there, do so, it is also a Zoroastrian Site. But its a fallisy to make statements about Parsis being influensed by the Hindu Culture, when you obviously have no Knowledge of Mazdayasni Zarathustis, or else you would never make such a silly statement.

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