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From: Anonim
Category: Spiritual
Date: 26 Sep 1999
Time: 12:51:47


I have read the comments. I hope the following lines are of any use/help to anyone.

1/ What Paris in India practice is quite different from the true teachings and original religion tought by Zaratustra. As one mentioned "they have been infulened by Hindu culture (better or worst is not object of this discistion!). Their practice of Zarathustrianism is quite diffrent from the much earlier times. Some believe that it has nothing the with the original massage of Zarathustra, what the pre-Islamic Iranians prectices in Iran, and what they are Practicing now.

2/ "Good thoughts" have got to do with the mind, "Good words" is the manifestation of mind,and "good deeds" is the final product! So one has to be Zarathustrian by practice, and I think the prove of it should not depend wehther one belongs in certian communities or not. Although we humans by our "nature!?" are commnunity minded.

3/ If someone wishes to join a certain community (letīs say "certain" Zaratustrian community)and encounters with rejection -which this behavour has nothing to do with "good thought", or "good word" neither "good deed"- therefore is much better to keep ways from them!!

4/ What they mean by keeping the religion "pure", could be that Zaratustrian practice is quite dificlut, and getting into the habit of Good Thoughts, Words and Deeds is something which should be practiced from the early childhood.


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