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From: Cyrus K
email: cyrus@khambata.freeserve.co.uk
Category: Spiritual
Date: 26 Aug 1999
Time: 05:48:01


Mr McGuiness, would you agree, the attention span of an average human being varies to the point where the attention seeker can hold their attention. Is there not a saying "actions trancend words". You are obviously a man of words,since you teach,surely you must be frustrated by the fact, how imprecise communicating the cold word of text can be. Where ever there is the cold words of text, there is controversy to its meaning, historians, translators & clergy would stand testimony to this. The clergy of ancient religions were obviously and shrewdly aware of this, they knew the power eminates from the sound of singing or chanting a prayer, not from speaking the words. That's precisely what they advocated. Even today in all the religions I know of,its the Hymns, chants, mantras that offer inner peace, not the sermon itself. The Gathas are ancient hymns offering inner peace to those who want it. Try amplyfing this by collective singing, feel the power first, then analyse if you must. How do we do this on the NET. Remember the Tower of Bable.

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