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Zarathustra' dob

From: Cyrus K
email: cyrus@khambata.freeserve.co.uk
Category: Spiritual
Date: 20 Jun 1999
Time: 06:38:47


I have 3 questions which require authoritative answers. 1)Does anybody know exactly what centuary & millennium bce., our prophet was born. 2)Why are we called Zoroastrians and not Mazdayasnis. 3)The text in cuneiform attributed to the Gahtas, were recognised as similar to Vedic, my understanding of full writing systems, as is stated., " Because full writing systems represent elements of language, knowledge of the language written is required to understand the meaning intended by the writer". Hence, unless we have a definate time-line of Prophet Zoroasters birth, how can we determine the amount of linguistic & religious inflections between the time span the Gahtas were preached and subsequently inscribed. Alternatively, knowledge of Vedic used, was it of the early Vedic civilisation 1500bce., off which there is no authoritative records or the later down-stream language of the Vedas (Hinduisim). The later, would give credence to the claims that Zoroastrianism, influenced later monotheistic beliefs, even Buddhism.

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