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Re: Help needed!

From: Amir
Category: Spiritual
Date: 23 Feb 1999
Time: 17:45:05


There is a common belief that Zartosht held lectures in western Persia and presumably in Balylon where captive and slave Jews attended his lectures.

Jews later on adopted and introduced some of Zartosht's teaching in thier religion. For example the concept of Hell and Heaven, the Judgement Day, and few others are originally linked to Zartosht.

So it is quite probable that his teachings had influence in early Jewish faith. Later Moses documented those concepts without crediting the originator.

Jezus was a Jewish scholar himself and Christianity was decorated by the Jewish law.

Mohammad was more a merchant and politician rather than a prophet. He came short of composing genuine laws and copied many of Jewish laws into Islam.

Therefore, the general belief points to influence of Zartosht and his teachings on the Semetic religions.

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